Process Donations


  • Setting up a profile page on CommitChange is simple, easy, and user-friendly.
  • Create events, campaigns, and donate buttons directly from your profile page.
  • Visitors to your profile page can donate and even create their own peer-to-peer campaigns on your behalf.
  • Works beautifully on phone, tablet or desktop.
Process Donations


  • Create custom donate buttons for embedding on any site using our step-by-step guide.
  • Call on our concierge service to input the donation processing button right onto your website.
  • Start receiving donations same day with the most optimized donor experience on the web.
Process Donations


  • Use our simple branding tool to customize all of your CommitChange fundraising tools.
  • Add custom amount options to your donate form that best profile your donors.
  • Follow up with custom thank you pages and email receipts.
  • Create custom email templates with personalized naming tools.
Process Donations

Run Fundraising Campaigns


  • Create unlimited fundraising campaigns for your nonprofit: both one-time and recurring.
  • Easily add media, text and custom gift options.
  • Add offline donations to accurately reflect the amount you’ve raised.
Fundraising Campaigns


  • Enable your board and community members to raise money for you.
  • Encourage your supporters to run races, dedicate their birthdays, or commemorate a family member.
  • Easy to setup and fun to use.
Fundraising Campaigns
When we expanded our campaign system, we focused much of our attention on making it easier for nonprofits to create recurring campaigns. We based this decision on nonprofit feedback and our own research that shows that a donor who balks at giving one $100 donation will feel much more comfortable giving $10, $15, or even $20 per month. Increased monthly donations equals increased stability and freedom for our nonprofits.
Wendy Bolm. Director of Support and Nonprofit Advocacy

Host & Manage Events


  • Simple and intuitive event pages provide smooth experiences for setting up and attending events.
  • Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and direct Email are setup automatically for you.
  • Add video, images, text and customization to match your nonprofit brand.


  • Easily add new supporters and credit card information at the time of the event.
  • Allow your volunteers to process auction donations directly from the attendee list.
  • All donations are tracked and processed for your event.
Ticketed Events


  • Create various ticket level dollar amounts and ticket names for your event.
  • Enable your board and community members to raise funds for you.
Ticketed Events

Manage Your Donors

Contributions through your website, campaigns, or events will automatically show up in your donor management dashboard.

Transaction Dashboard

  • See the full history of your donations, with advanced analytics.
  • Automatic payouts and end of month analysis.
  • Intuitive filtering and reporting. No training required.
Donor Management

Supporters Dashboard

  • Easily import and export donor information to and from your database.
  • Intelligently shows social data from your supporters’ social media profiles.
  • Manage relationships, add notes, custom tags, and custom fields to donor profile.
  • Keep in touch with all of your donors with bulk emailing.
Donor Management

Analytics Dashboard

  • Provides a detailed and elegant overview of all of your fundraising activity.
  • Links to specific supporters and payment details.
  • Keeps you on track by offering contextual suggestions and tasks.
Donor Management

Full Feature List

Payment processing

  • Automatic disbursals with CSV reports
  • Manual disbursals at any time
  • No disbursal fees
  • Full PCI compliance
  • SSL 256-bit encryption
  • Bank-level security

Supporter database management

  • Unlimited records
  • Detailed filtering
  • Exports to CSV (with filters)
  • Custom fields with filtering
  • Tagging with filtering
  • Automatic social data retrieval (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Bulk emailing with filters
  • Email templating and drafts
  • Email footers, images, and formatting
  • Full supporter timelines
  • Offsite donation crediting
  • Guided and intelligent import process
  • Supporter notes and contact info
  • Guided record merging
  • Mapping
  • We'll help you get your data imported for free

Crowdfunding campaigns (including peer-to-peer)

  • Recurring gifts
  • Campaign donor search, export, and analytics
  • Donor exports with filtering
  • Bulk emailing of campaign donors
  • Peer-to-peer (supporter-created) fundraising
  • Data integration into the supporter database and payment history
  • Full control of goal amount, goal date, and what metrics you want to show
  • Activity feed

Event pages and ticketing

  • Fully custom ticketing with optional quantities
  • Attendee management and reporting
  • Export attendees to CSV
  • Charge attendees on mobile devices at the event
  • Stats display page
  • Fully custom date, time, location
  • Optionally show the amount raised and supporters attending the event
  • Contact organizer button
  • Email-based ticket redemption
  • Activity feed

Donation processing

  • Embed a custom donate form on your website
  • Place donate form as fixed tab or embed directly into your page
  • Set custom preset amounts
  • Set a single preset designation or allow the donor to choose from multiple preset designations
  • Redirect the donor to your own custom thank-you page after the donation is completed
  • Create your custom button using a guided form builder
  • Use any graphics or text for the donate button
  • Wordpress plugin
  • We'll help you integrate the donate button onto your website for free

Account customizations

  • Manage user accounts and set their permission levels
  • Customize your brand font and colors
  • Customize your donation receipts with images and formatting
  • Invite new users into your organization by email
  • New user accounts are free!
  • Customize the message your donors see on their bank statements
  • Set a custom timezone, location, and public contact info
  • Cancel your pricing plan at anytime
  • Enable/disable anonymous donations
  • Customize your email notification settings
  • Set the links for all of your org's social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Add custom tracking code for your own Google Analytics account

Payments history dashboard

  • Detailed filtering and searching by designation, honorarium, supporter info, etc
  • Exporting to CSV (with filters)
  • Guided and intelligent import process
  • Offsite payment recording (aka credits)
  • Refunds, including partial refunds
  • Editing of donation data

Recurring donations dashboard

  • Listing of all active, ongoing recurring donations
  • Search by donor info
  • Export your recurring donors as a CSV
  • Add recurring donations on behalf of donors using their info
  • Add weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual recurring donations
  • Calculation of monthly recurring total for your org

Payouts dashboard

  • Make manual direct deposit withdrawals at any time
  • View transaction reports for all past payouts

Analytics dashboard

  • Visualize month-to-month revenue
  • View organization-wide activity history
  • View total, average, weekly, and monthly payment metrics
  • View recent payments, supporters, campaigns, and events

Services and perks

  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Receive guidance from a fundraising expert
  • Free help with website integration for your donate button
  • Free help with any data imports

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