CommitChange provides nonprofit organizations with a suite of fundraising tools that can be managed from a single platform. This integrated solution eliminates the need for data consolidation, reduces labor costs, and can provide a new level of understanding about a nonprofit’s supporters. CommitChange reduces the time it takes to perform common tasks and eliminates the 2-3 weeks of training required to operate competing systems. CommitChange also requires no setup or customization, and can be deployed in minutes.


Roderick Campbell

Co-founder & CEO
Roderick Campbell

Outspoken nonprofit advocate. Explored 30+ countries, worked with hundreds of nonprofits, and now helping bridge the gaps between technology and humanity.

Wendy Bolm

Chief Operations Officer
Wendy Bolm

Writer and techie putting 10+ years of nonprofit experience to good use. Passionate about amazing literature and amazingly bad music.

Eric Schultz

Lead Developer
Eric Schultz

Software developer who believes in the promise of free and open source software to improve lives. Father of a tiny Yorkie.

Mark Leonard

Business Development & Partner Relations
Mark Leonard

Ardent proponent of civic justice. Professional sailor and mountaineer. Ironman, too. Mark loves good conversation, good food, and terrible jokes.

Investors and Advisors

Mark Cuban
Tim Draper
500 Startups
Chris Sinton

How old is CommitChange and how many nonprofits do you serve?

CommitChange began building and deploying software for nonprofits in 2013 and was initially founded in Olympia, Washington. Although our beginnings were very humble, today the CommitChange fundraising platform serves hundreds of charitable and social venture organizations throughout the United States and is growing quickly. Our biggest milestones were launching the first improved donation form, receiving seed capital investment, finishing our campaign and event features, and most recently launching an overhauled donor management system that includes a highly integrated database.

What is the long-term objective of the organization?

Developing fundraising and donor-enrichment software for nonprofits is the primary objective of CommitChange, but education and advocacy are also critical in order to amplify the impact of social impact causes. This work will involve continuing to test and improve existing fundraising features while also interfacing with nonprofit leaders to identify and address pressing needs and gaps. Additionally, our team will expand educational programs to help development and other leadership staff make smart decisions about software and technology.

Why are investors supporting CommitChange?

Our platform is forward-thinking in an antiquated, and surprisingly large, nonprofit software and fundraising market. The early success of CommitChange indicated to investors that it’s possible to advance the fundraising technology industry through better services and more ethical business structure.