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St. Bernard Project raised $50k online in their first two months

St. Bernard Project is a national long-term natural disaster recovery organization.

This was our most successful year to date; we can attribute much of that to CommitChange's clear, intuitive interface that makes donating so much easier. With the volume of online donations that we process, lower transaction costs will have a significant impact on our funds raised. We've now switched all of our affiliates over to CommitChange.

Ann Williams, Director of Development

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Why does CommitChange build software for nonprofits?

Our team believes technology must serve humanity, and that the best way to achieve that objective is by building donor management and nonprofit fundraising software that amplifies the effectiveness of charitable and social venture organizations in our communities. The organizations CommitChange serves change the world, and our goal is to speed up that work by building more efficient fundraising software.

What is donor management software?

We’ve seen nonprofit organizations using everything from excel spreadsheets to fully customized database systems to manage their donor relationships, but we define donor management software as a centralized platform that allows charitable organizations and social ventures to both generate revenue through fundraising and also manage relationships with their supporters on a single platform.

One of the biggest challenges facing nonprofits is data fragmentation, which occurs when too many disparate systems are used. CommitChange solves this problem by merging all of the core fundraising, communication, and relationship management systems into a single platform. This eliminates the need for manual data consolidation, reduces data entry, and allows organizations to focus on relationships instead of managing systems.

Does CommitChange only serve registered nonprofit organizations?

While we focus primarily on serving nonprofits, CommitChange is available to any organization with a strong social mission. We understand that impact comes in many shapes and sizes, and that sometimes problems are better addressed through social ventures than the traditional charitable fundraising process; in that spirit, we make the platform available to all socially conscious organizations who would benefit.

Will our organization need a credit card service for donation processing?

No, CommitChange is integrated with Stripe and does not require any additional credit card processing service. This means your nonprofit organization can begin collecting donations shortly after signing up, and you won’t need to manage any payment related systems or sign any contracts. CommitChange makes raising funds online easier than ever, and saves charities money by negotiating bulk discounts for all organizations.

What kinds of nonprofits use CommitChange for fundraising?

This varies greatly! We serve hundreds of organizations, ranging from brand-new projects to multi-national NGOs. CommitChange is designed to scale up and down depending on your needs. We also work with a large number of recognized nonprofits like Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and many regional food banks. We tend to focus on causes related to social service, environmental, international, media, and childcare.