Donor Management Software for your Nonprofit

Our intuitive donor management software was built for you, from the ground up. Manage your donor relationships simply and easily with a full suite CRM. Nonprofits can track online and offline donations, email one or many supporters, save notes to your supporter records, create tags and custom fields to manage your donor records, and much more.

Import, Export and Social Integration

Import, Export and Social Integration

We strive to simplify the supporter management process. Import your existing donor information to instantly populate your database, and easily export donor records to csv or excel. We aim to enrich your donor relationships, bringing you closer with your donors. Each supporter record has the usual contact info data, such as name, email, address, etc. In addition to this, we provide instant social data, including photos and social media links like LinkedIn and Facebook where applicable.

What is donor management software?

Traditionally, donor management software has been a fancy term for a contact database. Over the years, these systems have become more complicated and track things like relationships and segmentation. More recently, donor management systems have become behemoth software systems with needlessly complex interfaces and endless reporting and querying options.

Overall, you can generally lump donor management into three categories: databases, donor relationship management systems, and fully integrated fundraising platforms. The latter (integrated platforms) are relatively new, and offer the added advantage of eliminating manual data management between systems while also offering improved usability and streamlined interfaces. CommitChange is fully integrated system that will ultimately house all of a nonprofit’s software and fundraising tasks in one place.

Are donor management systems challenging to setup?

The answer varies wildly depending on the system. Although CommitChange can be setup within 48-72 hours, most donor databases require at least 2-3 months of setup, importing, and training before going live. The hardest part about transitioning to a new system is importing historical data into the new system; this can often require long hours of data cleanup and reconfiguration to fit the new database structure. Our solution was to create an intuitive import wizard process and to provide extra customer service.

What features are critical for managing donor relationships?

The answer varies a bit, depending on what kind of work you do, but essentially all organizations need to add new donors, manage customizable fields, segment supporters, track donations, run searches and reports, track personal interactions, and manage offline donation entry and accounting. Most systems provide these features -- but their design and usability can make them very different. Ultimately, you should identify a system that covers your core feature needs and (importantly) is designed well enough that you enjoy it.